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Get to One90 Smoked Meats in East Dallas before the TV crowds find them

By: Mike Hiller BBQ enthusiasts (and now restaurateurs) Kyle St. Clair, Adam Weatherread, and Herman Guerra may be your barbecue secret weapon. The trio who met years ago while attending Bryan Adams High School, teamed up a couple of years ago to make their barbecue passion their career. Together, they own One90 Smoked Meats in East Dallas and, as the name suggests, theirs is no ordinary barbecue joint. This place makes it easy to serve craft barbecue at home whenever you want — and [...]

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By: Sydnee Bush Channel your inner Bubba Gump and say, “Smoked brisket. Smoked salmon. Smoked lamb. Smoked cheese. Smoked duck. Smoked pickles.”. One90 Smoked Meats has it all. The small shop off of Northwest Hwy in Dallas got its start in the backyard of one of its owners home and now it keeps the city coming back for its unforgettable brisket and salmon. We had the pleasure of drooling over their smoked meats, smoked cheese dips and sides just down the road from [...]

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Where is ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ eyeing in East Dallas?

By: Will Maddox Guy Fieri is in town to co-host Carnival’s Kids BBQ Challenge, a cooking competition for children in the Texas 4-H Association at the State Fair, but he also been spotted around the neighborhood, and could be scouting for his show, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” Cane Rosso owner Jay Jerrier posted a photo with Fieri in his restaurant, and he was also spotted in the neighborhood at One90 Meats on Northwest Highway. Fieri’s show, which usually finds eclectic and independent eateries, has already featured [...]

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Guy Fieri is in Dallas scouting for future Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

By: Teresa Gubbins UPDATE: Fieri and crew had dinner at the Deep Ellum branch of Cane Rosso, the Neapolitan pizzeria he spotlighted in 2012. Owner Jay Jerrier posted a photo of himself and Fieri, saying "When Boo says he wants the best pizza in town, you take him to the Roscoe. Happy to be able to host a dinner for Guy, the Food Network and Citizen Pictures in Deep Ellum last night." ________ Fans of charismatic TV food personality Guy Fieri already have [...]

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100 Favorite Dishes, No. 44: The Ham and Swiss Sandwich at One90 Smoked Meats

By: Nick Rallo Leading up to September's Best of Dallas® 2017 issue, we're sharing (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes, the Dallas entrées, appetizers and desserts that really stuck with us this year. There are sandwich icons, like the BLT, that are probably best made at home. Texas tomatoes, crispy bacon, and mayonnaise don't need Wolfgang Puck to combine them. On first glance, you may think: Why in the name of The Alamo would I order a ham [...]

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Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Bacon

By: Daniel Vaughn A few months ago, the special of the day at One 90 Smoked Meats in Dallas was a smoked pork belly sandwich. I’d been drawn back to the joint by its excellent BLT with house-made bacon, but I found myself torn between choosing which of the pork products I wanted for lunch. Suddenly, I had a wild thought. “Can I add bacon to the pork belly sandwich?” I ventured to ask. Co-owner Herman Guerra nodded. “Of course,” he said. [...]

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One90 Smoked Meats

Is it a sin that we love the subtle smokiness of the salmon that comes in a taco? That we also love the smoked beef tenderloin, perfectly rosy, that’s generously piled onto a brioche bun with cheese and caramelized onions? That we’re happy when the moist brisket, with its completely respectable mahogany smoke ring, gets piled onto a sandwich with a roasted poblano pepper and cheddar? At this new-school smoked-meat establishment, the star isn’t the three-meat plate. The modest Lake [...]

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Cued Up

By: Travis Baugh At One90 Smoked Meats, The Barbecue Game Is In The Bag. Welcome to Cued Up! In this new feature, we’ll bust out the wet naps and get elbows deep in sauce in order to find what makes the region’s best barbecue spots tick. We don’t just want to know what makes their ‘cue so damn delicious, though; we’ve got to cut down to the bone of these pitmasters to learn what makes each one of them so [...]

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BBQ News: 06/17 – 06/23

By: Daniel Vaughn From First We Feast: How the Texas BBQ Boom Marginalizes Its African-American Roots. – Over this past weekend, Greg Gatlin of Gatlin’s BBQ in Houston made some traditional Beaumont beef links. – Rock thrower not impressed with Franklin Barbecue: – Rien Fertel on Rodney Scott: “Barbecue is ‘a gathering,’ he told me, ‘because you rarely find an event without a grill or somebody who is barbecuing or grilling.’” – Lewis Barbecue is coming to Charleston, South Carolina, and here’s a look at their [...]

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One90 Smoked Meats

By: Daniel Vaughn This is not a barbecue joint. As the name suggests, they specialize in smoked meats, which are mostly piled in a sandwich. If you come to One90 Smoked Meats looking for a combo plate with slaw and beans on a plastic tray, prepare to be disappointed. But if you’re happy with a fantastic smoked meat sandwich that features lots of bold flavors, then you’re going to want to eat here as often as I do. Just a couple miles from [...]

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