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Serving quality smoked meats that are customizable, convenient, and widely accessible is our aim. Our Texas BBQ can be used in a wide variety of meals, heated up and prepared in minutes, and can be purchased online and delivered directly to your door, NATIONWIDE.


We use Pecan and Oak Woods harvested from local Dallas neighborhoods.
If you would like to donate a Pecan or Oak tree, please call us to have the tree removed from your property.

Brisket (USDA Prime) - $28/lb.

Pulled Pork - $20/lb.

Chicken Breast - $16/lb.

Poblano Sausage - $18/lb.

Country Sausage - $18/lb.

Boneless Chicken Thigh - $16/lb.

Turkey Breast - $18/lb.

Bacon - $18/lb.

Baby Back Ribs - $20/lb.

Cheddar Cheese - $12/lb.

Mozzarella Cheese - $12/lb.

Gouda Cheese - $20/lb.