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Backyard pit boss to Food Network in one year!

ONE90 Smoked Meats is a meat smoking company that pursues creative and intelligent solutions for craft barbecue. Smoking meats low and slow, to create outstanding, premium, and true Texas smoked meats.

Founder, Kyle St. Clair, began smoking meats in a backyard smoker, before setting out to fill a then vacant niche for premium craft barbecue.

It was not long until the outstanding quality of ONE90's products were recognized and endorsed by Food Networks' very own Guy Fieri, who featured ONE90 on his hit show: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Fieri was very enthusiastic for the staple smoked brisket, and was over the moon for the smoked duck, lettuce, tomato sandwich; which in his words: "wrecked every duck sandwich anybody will ever have."

The rapid transition from backyard smoking, to cable television praise, demonstrates ONE90's commitment to making the best 100% wood smoked meats available to anyone, anywhere. A commitment, that is emphasized and demonstrated by the ONE90 smokehouse, that is off-site from the shop, and has a capacity for smoking meats on a scale that suits a robust delivery and catering business.


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Serving quality smoked meats that are customizable, convenient, and widely accessible is our aim. Our Texas BBQ can be used in a wide variety of meals, heated up and prepared in minutes, and can be purchased online and delivered directly to your door, NATIONWIDE.

Prior to his days as a professional pitmaster, Kyle St. Clair, founder of ONE90, had already spent years passionately smoking meats in pursuit of top-notch barbecue. This pursuit of delicious, 100% wood-smoked meats underwent a brief hiatus during Kyle's time studying law in San Antonio, but was renewed with unbridled enthusiasm following law school, when Kyle procured his very own smoker as a well-deserved graduation gift.

Since then, Kyle has been honing his pitmaster skills with 5 massive smokers from J&R manufacturing that can smoke more than 220 briskets simultaneously.

The team at ONE90 is confident and proud of the products they serve and ship to your door. They always strive to make your food memorable and delicious. Ask questions, they love talking meat.

The team has one goal in mind when preparing your food - sweet, smoky, satisfaction for all.