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By: Teresa Gubbins

UPDATE: Three more restaurants have emerged, including Tutta Pizza, Nora’s, and CrushCraft Thai, bringing the total to six DFW eateries.


Three Dallas restaurants have definitely made the cut for the latest season of Food Network TV show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, including a taqueria, a barbecue spot, and a restaurant that specializes in fried chicken.

The show is in its 28th season, with four new episodes already in the can and scheduled to air this spring.

The DD&D crew were in Dallas in October 2017 joining host Guy Fieri, who was here to make an appearance at the State Fair of Texas. While in town, the crew were spotted filming at three area restaurants, all of which now appear on the TV show’s website of featured Dallas restaurants.

A spokesperson has confirmed that these three area restaurants will appear:

  • Tacos Mariachi
  • One90 Smoked Meats
  • Whistle Britches

Being featured on DD&D is basically a ticket to restaurant paradise.

Tacos Mariachi‘s moment in the spotlight comes first, on Episode 2, called “Delicious Discoveries,” which airs on four dates, beginning on January 19.

“Like they claim on their signage, it’s all truly about the real life experience of Tijuana street flavors,” is how the taqueria is described. “But it’s all about convenience as it’s smack dab in the middle of Dallas! Not particularly known for authentic Mexican food, it has been able to grab this coveted title with ease!”

Hmm. Obviously a dig on Dallas for doing Tex-Mex. Really.

“This counter service style restaurant has become well known for their crazy taco creations which always hit the spot as well as margaritas,” they continue. “When you come in, you’ll notice it’s a no-frill place. They keep it simple with basic seating and decor and they specialize in the food and drink! It’s almost a hole in the wall spot, but it’ll quickly become your favorite spot to eat after your very first visit.”

One90 Smoked Meats appears on Episode 3, called “Bird and Beef,” which makes its debut on February 2.

The show calls One90 “the best BBQ Deli spot in East Dallas,” that makes smoking meats an art form, and uses the word “perfection” twice: “As you may expect, it’s all about a complete and delicious BBQ menu here and all is always prepared fresh and served to perfection each time.”

Whistle Britches busts out in Episode 4, called “All Kinds of Comfort,” and debuts on February 9.

The restaurant is touted for its “simple yet perfect” theme of chicken, biscuits, and beer. “Since they’ve opened up their doors to hungry customers in 2016, they have made a massive impact in their area and tend to dominate the Southern style cooking in the area,” it says. The restaurant’s chicken and waffles gets singled out – “they can topple any other Southern state,” it says, so we can look forward to seeing chef Omar Flores show the Guy how it’s done.

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