By: Daniel Vaughn

Slow Burn Trailer from Jeff Mertz on Vimeo.

– You can attend the Kickstarter Launch Party for the Slow Burn film in Austin on 09/05.

– The BBC reported American barbecue and a disparity in coverage between white-owned and minority-owned barbecue joints.

– The Daily South looks at some of the most influential people in the history of barbecue.

– La Barbecue is moving, serving dinner:

– The Houston Chronicle researched the history of Lenox Bar-B-Q in Houston, and its former owner Leonard McNeill.

– Aaron Franklin smoked some cherries for a beer collaboration with Widmer Brothers.

– These are the best barbecue joints in America that are more than fifty years old, according to Esquire.

– More Texas style barbecue in the Northwest:

– The deluge of liquid smoke recipes for “barbecue” meats is painful to witness.

– An Indian newspaper discusses the virtues of using liquid smoke.

– Ractopamine-free pork might just become a thing.

– A few spots to try on your next trip to Paris:

– The Smoking Ho attended a TMBBQ Behind the Pit Dinner at Snow’s BBQ and filed this report.

– Texas Brew & BBQ visited Kerlin BBQ in Austin and found a great chopped beef sandwich.

– Guns Up Barbecue enjoyed their visit to Heim BBQ in Fort Worth.

– Miller’s Smokehouse in Belton just had a monster new smoker delivered:

– Kent Rathbun’s barbecue restaurant Hickory will expand into DFW Airport.

– One 90 Smoked Meats is open in Dallas serving barbecue sandwiches and packaged smoked meats.

– Whole hog in Brooklyn:

– These are the most underrated barbecue dishes in St. Louis.

– John Lewis of John Lewis BBQ in Charleston shares his daily routine which doesn’t include much sleep.

– The Reader finds some cross-cultural barbecue outside Chicago.

– A big barbecue feast is coming to Nashville in late September featuring some great whole hog.

– A giant pork party called Pig Island in kicking off again in New York on 09/12.

– Brisket wins again:

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