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By: JoAnn Holt

My meat-loving husband and I recently attended a tasting event featuring smoked brisket, pork, turkey and salmon, plus a few other great dishes from One90 Smoked Meats. Since their east Dallas location at 10240 E. Northwest Highway is too small for a crowd, co-owners Kyle St. Clair and Herman Guerra held the event at Oak Highlands Brewery. Brewery founder Brad Mall dispensed craft beers and other beverages from the bar to add to the festivities.

Specializing in small batch craft meats, One90 refers to the perfect internal temperature for the best brisket. Co-owners St. Clair and Guerra first shared their passion for smoking meat—any kind of meat/fish or fowl—as friends and neighbors. Before opening their Northwest Highway storefront in 2015, they catered events and sold food at farmers markets. When their passion project turned into a business, St. Clair and Guerra left their law and law enforcement careers, joined forces with two friends, and focused solely on smoking meat.

At the November tasting event, we sampled everything from smoked cheeses to a great-tasting chili made with brisket, pork and spices (especially yummy over their house-made mac and cheese). While the pulled pork, smoked salmon, duck, and other meats were all delectable, the brisket was absolutely unbeatable–cooked to tender fall-off-the-fork perfection and surprisingly lean.

One90 has become a neighborhood favorite, beloved for its two-handed sandwiches on locally-baked bread, meat plates and sides. Visitors come in for lunch, and can also pick up vacuum-sealed products to take home. Available in these packages are that delicious smoked brisket, smoked duck and a spicy poblano sausage. Just drop the package into boiling water for 10 minutes and you’ll have the centerpiece of a gourmet meal.

One90 has prepared a special menu of to-go staples for the holiday season, including:
· Whole Brisket (8 lbs average weight; serves 32) / $140
· Half Brisket (4 lbs average weight; serves 16) / $70
· Beef Tenderloin (3 lbs average weight; serves 12) / $90
· Prime Rib (5 lbs average weight; serves 20) / $165
· Jumbo Turkey Leg / $10 each
· Turkey Breast (2 lbs average weight; serves 8+) / $37.50

All items are carved and packaged for convenience. Christmas orders must be placed by December 19; call 214-346-3287 or email For more information, including menus and heating instructions, visit

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