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By: Brittani Robinson

One90 Smoked Meats – 5 Stars

Ten minutes, and a platter. That’s all it took to gain your uncle’s title as pit master. Now officially the reigning champ, you’ve become a hero AKA Smoked Meat God. As the honey baked ham and fried turkey languish in sadness and abandonment, everyone is raving over your smoked brisket. So seasoned, so smoky, and so tender it can be eaten with a spoon. Your uncle now hates you.

One90 Smoked Meats isn’t really a barbeque joint in the traditional sense, but more of a smoked meat boutique. They’re not just throwing baby back ribs and their cheddar cheese oozing house poblano sausage on the smoker (though they do this damn well), they’re tackling more advanced carnivorous cravings too. Racks of lamb, duck breast, bison and habit forming smoked salmon can all be found at One90. “We smoke everything. We smoke a wide variety of meats. We didn’t want to get pigeon held into barbeque,” explained Kyle St. Clair, one of the owners of the establishment.

After tinkering around in the legal world for a few years, St. Clair realized the life of a lawyer wasn’t for him. Soon after, he moved next door to an old Bryan Adams High School classmate, Herman Guerra, and the two began spending evenings smoking brisket. After a while, that brisket got good. Then it blossomed into greatness. Neighbors and friends thought it was so great that the two began selling it. And just like that, One90 was officially born.

According to Kyle there are three classes of barbeque: grocery store, middle ground AKA chain barbeque joints and smaller batch craft barbeque such as Pecan Lodge and Franklin’s. As many a barbeque lovers can admit, getting your paws on the smaller batch smoky stuff isn’t always simple. It often requires setting aside no less than 2 hours out of your day and the investment in some kick ass comfy sneakers made especially for standing. Once you’re finally inside, there’s always the fear that instead of being greeted with a grin and “What can I get for you?” your whole being is transformed into hanger as the words “Sorry, we’re sold OUT” are offered up instead. Or, say you do get your paws on that succulent brisket and order it to go. By the time you’re home and ready to dive in, that brisket has lost its potency, and has transformed into nothing but a hunk of dry disappointing beef.

One90 has effectively fixed this issue with their packaged meats. Bags are vacuum sealed and only require 10 to 12 minutes in a pot of boiling hot water. It’s a little bit of magic. Whether you decide on the andouille sausage, prime rib, or any of the other options there is a consistency in the smokiness and flavor of their products. Their packaged meats can be shipped and stored up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator or several months in the freezer. If frozen, simply unthaw the meat first, then boil in the vacuum sealed bag.

In the near future the owners of One90 anticipate opening a bigger location where they can focus on making larger quantities of smoked meat. “Right now, we’re driving ourselves crazy with one little smoker, trying to smoke everything. The idea is to proliferate and do some centralized smoking so that we can stay on top of quality control, and push it out to our retail shops,” Kyle explained. In the meantime, the owners will continue cranking out some of the best smoked meat in town and you can continue taking the credit as Smoked Meat God. TxMb


Where to find them-10240 Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75238

Phone- (214) 346-3287

That whole parking thing – Parking isn’t really an issue here as it is inside of a shopping center. But, note the space is small, so if you want to sit, there may be a problem. 

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