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FoodBitch Sat Down With Kyle St. Clair Of One90 Smoked Meats To Talk About One90’s Success And Future, What He Cooks At Home And Tips For Smoking Meat.

Welcome to The Quickie, our new series featuring a short ‘n sweet, quick ‘n dirty interview with a local small business owner, chef or creator.

As the saying goes, “If you’ve got ‘em, smoke ‘em,” and multi-generational East Dallasites Kyle St. Clair and Herman Guerra have got ‘em. One90 Smoked meats has been under the radar, but won’t be for long. Get to know the guys behind the smoker in this week’s Quickie.

FB: Give everybody the One90 BBQ backstory. What’s your background, and what made you decide to get in this biz?

KS: I spent years pursuing higher education, and after obtaining my J.D./M.B.A., spent a few years practice law for the federal courts and the Texas university system. After graduating from UT, Herman also pursued a career in the public sector. After years of education and public employment, the entrepreneurial bug bit hard, and we quit our careers in law and law enforcement, respectively, with one objective in mind: to make high quality, craft BBQ more accessible. We provide a retail BBQ product that, when heated in the cryo-vac’ed packaging, is moist and tastes as if it was just removed from the backyard smoker without waiting in long lines like at popular BBQ restaurants, or back at the house babysitting the smoker. In addition to our packaged products, we offer a variety of sandwiches, plates, tacos, salads and sides. Our goal is to be the “go-to” place for someone looking for minimally-processed smoked meats in east Dallas, whether it be on a hot sandwich, plate or taco served to-go, or packaged for use as a dinner ingredient at home.

FB: What might folks not know about smokin’ ‘cue?

KS: The most important instrument for a recreational BBQ folks to invest in is a good digital thermometer. The key to making sure that brisket is tender, chicken is moist, and that no one chokes on the turkey breast at Thanksgiving is knowing when the pull the meat from the smoker. Folks who really want to increase BBQ skills will need to purchase a thermometer that will yield a highly accurate reading in under 5 seconds. Fast readings means that the smoker remains closed as much as possible, and helps the individual learn when certain meats reach certain temperatures. With a little research, note taking and practice, most folks will graduate to a BBQ-ologist in no time with a good thermometer. These can cost $50-100, but they are worth it.

FB: What do you cook at home?

SC: I like to smoke rack of lamb. It doesn’t take long, and it’s amazing how the smoke changes the dynamic of the lamb. Just hit it with a little salt and pepper, fat side up (of course!), and let it go at 275 F, and check it at 30 minutes. You looking for rendered fat, a dark crust, and an internal temp of 140 F.  If you reach 140 F, but still want to render or darken, pull it, let it cool, and hit it one more time fat side down in the skillet, or fat side up in the broiler.

FB: What’s your favorite place to eat out in Dallas?

SC: We are true East Dallas folks who don’t tend to frequent the fancier spots around town. We do like good food, beer, and patios. You put those three together, and you’re likely to see us around the area. To name a few that meet that description: GAPCo, Goodfriend, and 20 Feet Seafood Joint. Oh yea…Tex-Mex. Any Tex-Mex will work, patio not necessary.

FB: What’s next for One90?

SC: We are working on providing a place like I just described above. We are looking to open a larger space where our customers can stay for a while, and enjoy a beer with their ‘cue, and maybe watch a game on Sunday. We would like to see One90 become the neighborhood “go-to” place for minimally-processed smoked meats. We would like to integrate with the neighborhoods that surround any future location, and become part of the community. We feel that’s what made us successful in our current location. But for now, we just want to knock-out these Thanksgiving and Christmas orders to the best of our abilities. We really appreciate everyone who chooses One90 to provide their families with meat for the holidays! Stay tuned!

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