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Here is what makes a Ham, a Ham!

I remember one Christmas afternoon a little better than the rest. My family was spending it with my grandparents in the middle of Kansas. As we pulled up, I could see smoke billowing from their Traeger. This was the first time I tried smoked meats.

I stepped out of the car and was hit immediately with the mouthwatering scents of smoked meat. I ran to my grandfather and asked to see what was inside, he obliged me with a small peak. There I saw what seemed like mountains of smoked ham.

What is Ham and Why is it so Juicy?

Many of you may be asking the same question I asked my grandfather years ago, what is ham? There are several pork cuts used to create varying types of ham, from shank end to Canadian Bacon. Traditionally ham is a hind leg cut from a hog. While there are exceptions, the most common type of ham is created using a brine of sodium nitrate, sugar and potentially other flavorings.

Store bought hams are mass brined over a short period using injection machines. Hand crafted hams, like you will find at One90, are brined individually over longer periods of time. This produces a ham that is juicier and packed full of flavor.

Once brined, the ham is considered prepared and safe to eat. Although, most will move to some form of secondary cooking. Many store-bought hams will be moved to an oven to cook for about 20 minutes. This is known as baked ham and is commonly found in supermarkets. One90’s hams are smoked overnight to give them that distinct Texas flavor.

Next time a curious child asks you, "what is ham?" you will be able to knowledgeably respond. Learn more about our process and try our smoked ham today!

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